Our skirts are made of high quality fabric that stretches in all directions for a comfortable fit. All skirts are made to be water absorbent, which makes them great for athletic wear, swim wear, or just strolling around town running errands. With a one inch, yoga style waist band and included leggings, you can feel confident in your modesty no matter what you do.

Magenta Athletic Skirt (Plus Sizes)

  • Refer to our size chart to find the perfect size for you! 

    Here is a little info on how our sizes work.

    The waist is measured around the belly button. The hips are measured around the widest part of your lower hips.

    The length of the skirt does not include the waistband, the skirt length begins at the bellybutton and goes down to the hem of the skirt. That way you can wear the yoga waistband higher up, or fold it down to fit your preference.

    If you are needing a skirt shorter than 24 inches you may contact me personally through the contact form on the homepage to have that adjusted.

    The legging length is measured from the top of the leggings to the hem. The measurement is NOT the inseam only. If you’d like full length leggings (30in or longer) there will be a small upcharge. This is due to how the fabric is cut out when the leggings exceed 28 inches. The process is longer and more complicated and there is more waste of fabric due to the way it has to be cut. Thanks for understanding💜