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My First Blog Post

Hey! I’m Julyvonne Josephson the owner of So Sew Modest! (Wow, that is still crazy to even type😁) Here is a quick welcome to my new blog. I am 22 years old (as of 2020) and extremely happy with my Hubby, Corey! I have two jobs. I work at Souls Harbor Christian Academy, a small private school associated with our church. And then I have So Sew Modest. My heart hurts just thinking of the day that I may possibly have to choose between the two of these jobs. I truly have a passion for both and I am very happy splitting my time up between the two as of now.

The reason I started my own business was actually not intentional. I just got really frustrated at the fact that it was so hard finding modest clothing that I decided I would learn to sew and make my own. Which went terrible for the first few months. Everything I made had holes or was clearly uneven in many ways. But nonetheless I kept trying. And as I started wearing more of the items that I was making I had so many people encouraging me and telling me that I should make and sell these items. And long long story short, here we are today!

I love to sew and really to create anything! I love to practice painting, drawing, lettering, scrapbooking, and all sorts of other crafty things! I am not particularly great at any except for sewing, but that does not keep me from always picking up new crafty hobbies. I recently tried punch needling and it is so incredible! Its like embroidery for newbies and I love it!

That is enough about me! I hope you find the info and tutorials on this blog useful. I am so thankful for everyone who stuck it through and read to the end of this post (or just skimmed and happened to read this sentence, you too!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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