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Size Chart

Our size chart is true to size! Our skirts do not hug your rear. Even the slim option is created to be straight rather than flowy without compromising modesty and making it tight.

The waist is measured around the belly button. The hips are measured around the widest part of your lower hips. The length of the skirt does not include the waistband, the skirt length begins at the bellybutton and goes down to the hem of the skirt. If you are needing a skirt shorter than 24 inches you may contact me personally through the contact form on the homepage to have that adjusted.


The legging length is measured from the top of the leggings to the hem. The measurement is NOT the inseam only. Full length leggings are typically 30 inches - 34 inches depending on height.

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Size Chart: Store Policies


What is the Customization Box for?

In that magical box you can place any of these customizations listed below! For further questions please email me at or send me a message through IG or Facebook.

-Adjust the size of the waistband for your skirt. You can type in something like the following

“Skirt and leggings need to be a size large, the waistband a medium please” Or

“Skirt needs to be an XL and the leggings and waistband a size large”

These customizations are for you if you typically have issues with athletic skirts that fall down because the waistband is not tight enough. You can separately choose the size of your skirt, leggings, waistband, and elastic.

-You may request for no elastic to be put into your waistband.

-You may request for the length of the leggings or skirt to be different. Your skirt length can not exceed 30 inches and your leggings length can not exceed 36 inches without contacting me through email or social media. :)


Will the slim style athletic skirt hug my rear?

Nope! I have specifically designed these patterns to NOT hug your butt. So be very mindful of that when choosing your size. I do not recommend sizing up for this reason.


Will the extra slim style athletic skirt hug my rear?

Yes. The extra slim will hug your rear if you are ordering true to size. I’ve created this option for someone who may be looking for a very comfortable layering skirt or pencil style athletic skirt. I love to wear pencil skirts with baggy and loose tops! The extra slim will hug your rear and will be more narrow on the bottom as well.


What if my waist and hips are different sizes?

That is absolutely fine! There are plenty of customers who need to customize their waistbands. Simply select the skirt size that will fit your hips and type in the notes at checkout how you would like your waistband adjusted. For example if your hips are 44 inches and your waist is 34, you select the size large skirt and add it to your cart. At checkout there is a box for notes. Add a note requesting that the waistband be a size medium instead of a large. And boom! Your own customized skirt perfect for your needs!

How long are ankle length leggings?

I am 5’4 which is average height for a lady and 32 inch leggings fall right to my ankle. My sister is 5’7 and she wears 34 inch long leggings to be ankle length. Hopefully that helps! :)



What skirt length will fall below my knee?

I am 5’4 and I wear a 24 inch skirt which falls well below my knee. About 3 inches below my knee cap.


Can I return or exchange my order?

Our reason for being here is YOU. We want to equip you with modest activewear that you love to wear! For that reason, if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 7 days of receiving your item you can return or exchange your item. All you have to do is email us at or send us a message through our Facebook or Instagram page. We ask that you cover the shipping back to us for a return or exchange. We will cover shipping charges back to you if it is an exchange.  


If you have customized a skirts size (for example choosing a different size skirt and waistband) I am unable to offer a refund, but I offer free adjustments. All you have to do is ship your skirt back to us and we will adjust it for free and send it back to you!

What is the A-Line style?

The A-Line athletic skirt has a nice flowy feel and look which makes it perfect for very active activities. This skirt does not hug your hips if you order true to size.


What is the Slim style?

The Slim athletic skirt is not a tight fitting skirt. It is less flowy that the A-Line skirt. The slim goes straight down at the hips rather than flaring out like the A-Line.


What is the Extra Slim style?

The Extra Slim athletic skirt will hug your rear. It is more narrow on the bottom as well. I’ve designed this skirt to be a comfortable type of pencil skirt ideal for long or baggy shirts. I love a comfortable pencil skirt, which is why this option was created!

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